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Col. David J. Eskelund, assumes command of the newly activated Marine Corps Logistics Operations Group

Photo by Lance Cpl. D. J. Wu

Marine Corps Logistics Operations Group Activated

22 Jun 2012 | LCpl. D. J. Wu Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms

The Combat Center is now home to the Corps’ newest premier logistics training command, an addition that was welcomed with enthusiasm.


The Marine Corps Logistics Operations Group was activated at the Combat Center’s Lance Cpl. Torrey L. Gray Field Tuesday. Col. David J Eskelund, commanding officer, MCLOG assumed command of the Marine Corps' newest tactical instruction and assessment team.

MCLOG will become the training agent for the standardization of the logistics community.

“The 35th commandant, in his planning guidance, directed that we establish a logistics operation group along the lines of (Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1) and Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group,” said Brig. Gen. George W. Smith Jr., commanding general, Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center.

“The will support the training and education of our logistics groups and logistics units throughout the Marine Corps.”

Much like what the MCTOG has done to the operations field, MCLOG will do for the logistics field.

MCLOG is going to be in the forefront of training in the logistics field.

“The Marine Corps will utilize MCLOG to institutionalize and integrate individual and unit training across the Marine Air Ground Task Force. It will rapidly improve innovation in training, testing and conducting logistics,” according to a Combat Center press release announcing the unit’s activation. “During future Marine Air Ground Task Force operations and training exercises, this will make the Marine Corps faster, more efficiently supplied and able to react quickly and decisively when it matters most.”

The unit’s goal is to provide advanced individual training in MAGTF logistics operations, provide collective battle staff training to logistics combat element units, serve proponent lead for logistics operational training issues and facilitate, manage and perform logistics and doctrine programs.

MCLOG will offer two classes to senior staff noncommissioned offices and mid-level officers. The new unit’s first iteration of classes are slated to start Aug. 3 and consist of the Intermediate MAGTF Logistics Operations Course and the Logistics Operations Chief Course. The Marines will learn advanced skills in logistics command and control, planning and integration techniques

“It's exciting to know that we have a new ultimate professional authority for our logistics combat element within our Corps,” Smith said. “It's going to make our LCE that much stronger, and it's going to make our MAGTF that much stronger.”

MCLOG currently has six Marines under its command. By Oct. 1, there will be a support staff of 40 and is anticipated to grow to 140 by fiscal year 2014.

“I'm one of the only O-6 commanders who’s going into a new unit and knows the names of every single one of his Marines,” Eskelund joked.

MCLOG began at Camp Johnson, N.C., as the Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools and then later was re-designated as the MAGTF Logistics Operations School. In Feb. 2010 it re-designated again as MCLOG, a separate organization within MCCSSS. It is now a subordinate command of the Marine Corps Air Ground Task Force Training Command.

 “We stand up MCLOG today in a very simple and brief ceremony,” Smith said. “This simple and brief ceremony stands in stark contrast to the complex challenges Eskelund and his staff are going to face over the next couple of years.”

“The impact that this will have here is tremendous,” Eskelund said.

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