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Old School’s Franco Robinson drives the ball to the hoop during the Basketball Slam Tournament Sept. 6. Too Tight beat Old School 76 - 71 during the final game of the month-long tournament.

Photo by LCpl. D. J. Wu

Basketball Slam

14 Sep 2012 | LCpl. D.J. Wu

The month-long Basketball Slam Tournament came to a close on Sept. 6, when Too Tight beat Old School 76 - 71 at the West Gym and Fitness Center.


“We didn't play as hard as we should of,” said Samuel White, coach of Too Tight. “Half the time I think we played to the level of our competition. But when we needed to score and when we needed to win, we did.”

Too Tight went out to an early lead in the beginning stages of the first half of the game.

They got too comfortable with their lead and Old School slipped back in to make it a close game.

“We made the game closer than they should have been,” White said. “It shouldn't of been that close.”

The game was neck and neck by half time. Old School and Too Tight traded leads in the second half. They both wanted to win and neither team gave up.

Too Tight’s win solidifies them as a winning team in basketball. They now hold the championship title for the intramural league and the slam tournament.

“I'm ecstatic about winning the tournament,” White said. “There's no better feeling than winning. All the credit goes to the players. All I can do is give them direction and then they have to execute.”

The teams were 2 of 16 who played in the month-long tournament. They made their way through a round-robin contest and went into the tournament bracket as the top two teams.

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