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Steps to take for PCSing personal property

5 Apr 2013 | Cpl. William Jackson

Editors Note: This is the final article of a three-part series on permanent changes of station. The series focuses on complicated issues when moving from station to station.

The summer peak season for the Combat Center’s Distribution Management Office is the busiest of the year. More than 2,500 orders were processed during the summer months in fiscal year 2012.

To get started, Marines and sailors should login to and create a Defense Personal Property System account, which is an internet-based system to manage shipping Department of Defense household goods and personal property, said Kern Garr, distribution management specialist, DMO. “From that point on DMO just needs to see orders and a signed DPS registration sheet.”

Garr also says owners can email copies of orders and the DPS registration sheet to DMO  and not have to step foot inside the facilities to.

After setting up flexible packing, pickup and delivery dates, a transportation service provider will contact the traveler to pack and ship their belongings to its final destination. Kern suggests allowing an additional few days between requested and actual pickup dates in order to vacate housing, travel and carry out other PCS-related events to simplify the moving process.

Once the shipment has reached its destination the owners have the option to allow the TSP to unpack the belongings, rebuild broken down items and remove all of the unwanted boxes the belongings were shipped in. If they choose to unpack items themselves, the owners can still call the TSP at a later date to have them remove the boxes from their home.

“Everything can be done online,” Kern said. “The website can be a little tricky but everything is there for you.”

The website allows service members to file claims, up to 75 days, on broken items and rate the TSP to better the moving process for future residents. During shipments, travelers can store their possessions up to 90 days at a destination. If need be, they can extend up to an additional 90 days.

Garr also said that service members can call DMO at any time during the packing and unpacking process if there is a problem that arises from the TSP while they handle their property.

DMO also staffs a satellite office at the Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School; the best time to call and schedule ad brief is until the end of July, says Garr. “Instructors need to schedule their briefs (for students) early during the summer season, as soon as the students receive their web orders. MCCES permanent personnel are encouraged to book early and be flexible with their packing and pickup dates.”

For more information contact DMO at 830-6119 or 830-6660, or email them at


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