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Base opens new education center

26 Jul 2013 | Cpl. William J. Jackson

The Combat Center now has a home for all of the educational needs for its patrons. The three story building, located at building 1530, was first brought to life by Congressman Jerry Lewis when he toured the base in 2008. Since then, the five year project has now given Combat Center students and staff top-of-the-line equipment along and a great educational setting for students.

Three colleges, National University, Copper Mountain College and DeVry University are now centrally located among the new education center. Each of the 13 classrooms are equipped with smart boards, ceiling speakers, wall sockets on the desks and space to hold up to 24 students.

“We have classes in the evening time and we even have daytime classes,” said Jeff Fourier, education center supervisor, Life Long Learning Center. “So we need the classroom space to offer those classes.”

The education center also has a versatile computer lab that can convert into an impromptu classroom by storing the computers inside the desks. Wifi is also found throughout the entire three story building to aid with coursework in the classrooms.

“As a student I would feel a lot better going to class every day because of the amenities, it’s comfortable,” Fourier said.

Before the building was erected, the Transition Readiness Seminar was in Building 1707, now nearly 100 Marines and sailors can fit comfortably within the confines of the Life Long Learning Center’s three story building.

The new education center brings the Combat Center a centralized location for any educational needs for its patrons. The building is a home for the growing community and a focal point for the base.

For more information on the types of schooling the education center offers, go to /pages/mfamservices/education.html.

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