PMO Services
Provost Marshal Administrative Services

PMO Services

Services Officer
Telephone: (760) 830-5470

Assistant Services Officer
Telephone: (760) 830-8340

Services Chief
Telephone: (760) 830-3244

The Services Section is responsible for processing correspondence and maintaining files, training Military and Civilian Police Officers and maintaining all training files, registering vehicles aboard the installation, conducting Traffic Court, fingerprinting, background checks, Physical Security related issues, and all other administrative matters pertaining.

Office hours: 8 am – 11 am / 12 pm – 4 pm
Monday – Thursday, with the exception of holidays.

Please be aware that requests for Lemon Lot Passes and fingerprinting are only conducted Monday through Wednesday, between 8 am and 11 am. These services are not conducted on Thursdays.

The Services Section's responsibilities include

Traffic Court / Administration (BLDG 1408, Ext 5461) 
Administration of Base Traffic Court.
Maintain Traffic Court and associated paperwork.
Process Traffic Violation 1408 citations / Traffic Court adjudications.
Conduct fingerprinting.
Conduct background local record checks.

Records / Civil Court Liaison (BLDG 1408, Ext 6698)
Point of contact for all Commands and individuals seeking PMO case reports.
Process Central Violation Bureau 1805 citations / court dockets.
Process and maintain record keeping of active Military Protective Orders (MPO). 
Track and maintain record of military member’s adjudications.
Process Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from Adjutant’s office. 
Process and maintain records of debarments. 

Physical Security (BLDG 1407, Ext 4561)
Lost and Found
D.A.R.E Program
Crime Prevention Messages

Impound (BLDG 1408, Ext 4838)
Process Vehicle Tow Tags
Vehicle impound information

Training Department (BLDG 1408, Ext 8339)
Units may coordinate with the Training Department for cross-training, non-lethal weapons training, and informational classes. Call for more information.

Vehicle Registration Office (BLDG 901, Ext 6794)
Register vehicles, weapons, and pets.
Maintain registration records for all vehicles and weapons registered aboard the Combat Center.
Issue temporary vehicle passes.
Issue visitor passes.

Visit the Vehicle Registration Office webpage for more info.


Accident Investigation 760-830-4251
Administration 760-830-6094
Desk Sergeant 760-830-6810
DSN 230-6800
Operations 760-830-6095
DSN 230-4612
Services 760-830-6698
Training 760-830-8339
MWD / K9 760-830-4239
Criminal Investigaton Division 760-830-6820
Fire Department 760-830-6475
Traffic Court Liaison 760-830-5461
Vehicle Registration 760-830-7700

Anonymous Tip Hot Line (ITIP) 
DSN 230-4847


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