MCEITS Account


  1. When you click the link at the bottom of this page it will take you to the MCEITS account request page.  When you fill out the form:

    1. Under SharePoint site select “MCLOG” from the drop down menu

    2. Under Email Address – should be .mil or other official email (no personal accounts)

    3. GOV POC – should be your immediate supervisor’s official information (do not put your information in this section)


  1. What happens after you hit “Submit”?

    1. An email is sent to the administrator of the SharePoint site you selected.

    2. Administrator verifies information and submits request for account creation to MCEITS

    3. MCEITS creates a DISABLED account for you (typically 24-48 hours)

    4. MCEITS sends an email to you titled “ACTION REQUIRED” requesting your EDIPI

    5. You reply back to MCEITS with your EDIPI

    6. MCEITS enables your account and you now have access to MCLOG’s SharePoint sites


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