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Comedy night keeps Marines in stitches

18 Jun 2012 | LCpl. Ali Azimi

Comedians and musicians in the Leatherneck Comedy and Entertainment Tour performed in a theater full of Marines and sailors during their show at the Combat Center’s Sunset Cinema June 8.

The tour is run by To the Fallen Entertainment, an organization dedicated to bringing cost effective entertainment to service members of all branches. This year, it started the Leatherneck Comedy and Entertainment Tour, a show tailor-made for Marines. 

“What we’ve tried to do is find the right mix of entertainment that actually really appeals to the men and women in the Marine Corps,” said Charles Shorter, president, To the Fallen Entertainment.

The tour has been traveling to Marine Corps bases around the world, leading up to its arrival at the Combat Center, following three shows in Japan.

“We are just showing our appreciation to the Marines,” said Alex Scott, comedian.

The show featured the comedic stylings of Alex Scott, Renee Guatchier and Rudy Rush, as well as musical performance by the band Queen Caveat.

The three comedians used comedy applicable to both everyday life and Marine Corps life. They had the Marines in tears from laughter.

 “The comedy show was very good,” Lance Cpl. Richard Slappy, field radio operator, 3rd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment. “But the music portion was something I really looked forward to.”

Members of Queen Caveat took the stage, after the comedians and started playing. The bands unique style of rock music mixed in with smoke effects and colored lighting, created an the perfect environment for a show. But the lead singer, Lauren Little, also made the Marines get involved.

She called up a group of Marines to help sing a Jimmy Hendrix song.

During her next song, Little switched it up. She followed the Marines down the stage and sang as she ran through the rows of seats in the theater and at one point sat down next to a Marine up in the stands.

Not many people could have guessed that this was Queen Caveat’s first performance in front of Marines.

The show ended with a meet and greet. Marines lined up to meet the comedians and musicians as they left. Many grabbed their camera phones for a quick picture while others grabbed something to be autographed.

 “Our focus is on making the Marines as happy as possible,” said Shorter.

The Combat Center was the tour’s 17th show, leading up to their final show at Camp Pendleton.

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