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Military housing payment change

22 Jun 2012 | Cpl. Sarah Dietz

The Resident Energy Conservation Program is being put into effect at military housing residential areas across the Department of Defense. This program is designed to reduce electrical consumption and keep residents responsible for their energy usage.


The RECP will directly benefit Marine Corps family housing residents because savings will be re-invested back into the community to improve homes, playgrounds, community centers and other amenities that improve quality of life for our Marines, sailors and their families.

With the average electrical consumption established, a 10 percent buffer zone will be implemented above and below the average line to give residents a range of electrical usage per month.

 Residents using less energy will be rewarded with a cash refund. Residents using more than the average range will be billed for only the excess use.

The determination of the average will begin with the houses divided into groups, known as “housing types.” Housing types are made so four-bedroom houses will not be in the same category as two-bedroom houses, for example.

Separate averages are calculated each month for each type and size of home. Basic Allowance for Housing is expected to cover normal utilities use only, not excess.

The process will begin with a three-month mock billing period, starting April 2013. Actual billing will begin in July 2013.

This process is DOD-mandated, and Lincoln Military Housing is not responsible for RECP.

Residents will receive a packet explaining the program, as well as a letter from the commanding general.

The letter will be addressed to “Resident” instead of the individual. It is important to look over all this information. The funds saved will go toward improving homes, playgrounds and community centers.

The RECP is already in effect at Marine Corps Base Hawaii and Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, S.C.

Wounded Warriors and Exceptional Family Member Program members will be an exception to RECP, with permission from the hospital commanding officer. For more information, call your local housing office.

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