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Class informs Marines about importance of registering weapons

16 Oct 2013 | Lance Cpl. Charles Santamaria

Marines participated in a gun registration class Oct. 11, 2013 at the Village Center to keep them informed on gun regulations on base and the process of registering weapons.

The class was coordinated to stress the importance of registering weapons on base and knowing the steps to register and store weapons.

When checking into the Combat Center, newcomers are required to register any weapons in their possession. The Provost Marshal’s Office refers to regulation 1630.6E, chapter four, which states prohibited weapons include unregistered firearms, explosives, chemical agents, knives and other weapons including stun guns and brass knuckles.

“The Marines don’t know how easy it is to register weapons on base,” said Carol Matthias, coordinator, Vehicle Registration. “If they want to own a weapon, they can and it’s easy.”

Weapons can be stored in containers that are approved by PMO. Service members who live in the barracks simply need to register and store their weapons at the unit armory. Registered weapons also can be kept in service members homes on or off base.

Weapons may be kept in another location while a service member is on deployment as long as the change of location is reported to PMO.

If someone owns a weapon that is registered in another state, it does not need to be registered in California, but all weapons must still be registered on base for ownership. Weapon cards are issued by PMO and are needed when the weapon is in use.

“I was doing this more for my Marines living on base, but also for the Marines thinking about purchasing a weapon,” said 1st Lt. Kelly Sloan, Combat Center adjutant, G-1.

Registration forms can be found at the Marine Corps Community Services office, the main exchange gun department or at Vehicle Registration. Staff non-commissioned officers and officers may sign for the unit. NCO’s and below must ensure a representative for the unit signs the registration form.  

This information gives Marines an opportunity to educate fellow service members aboard the Combat Center who are interested in owning weapons on base.

 “One Marine can talk to three more Marines, each of those could talk to three more and we could just spread this information throughout the base,” Sloan said.

For more information on California gun regulations, visit, or call PMO at 830-7700 for any questions about regulations on base.


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