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Combat Center participates in FEDS Feed Families

21 Jul 2014 | Cpl. Alejandro Bedoya

“I donate to this cause every single year,” said Mira Kozell, quality assurance, Combat Center commissary. “If each person could just donate one item each time they come to the commissary, it would be a lot of help. This program is helping feed Marine Corps families.”

            FEDS Feed Families is program run by the United States Department of Agriculture. The program assists federal employees, in times of need, by offering free groceries. The groceries are donated by anyone who is willing and are free of charge for others to pick up.

            “We get donations throughout the year,” said Dawn Clark, business manager, Armed Services YMCA. “This gives the families living paycheck to paycheck, or have something come up, an opportunity to start filling the gaps. That is the whole basis of this program.”

            According to Clark, the program has been active aboard the Combat Center for approximately 8 years under different names.

            The program originally was known as Free Bread Fridays aboard the Combat Center. At that time, people donated bread and pastries. It then was opened up to where they were able to accept all groceries. FFF also accepts hygiene gear, baby clothes or any other items people are willing to donate.

            “I had a couple of families come in that were facing some challenges,” said Samuel Smith, associate director, ASYMCA. “I gave them the opportunity to go through and grab what they needed. The look on their faces, the gratitude and the overwhelming feeling that someone does care is why we are here. The service members give so much, this is what we are doing to try and give back.”

            For more information on FFF or for questions concerning donating or receiving donations contact the ASYMCA at (760) 830-7481.

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