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Combat Center maintains readiness through Prepare-A-Thon month

27 Aug 2015 | Lance Cpl. Medina Ayala-Lo Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms

“When most people come to a new duty station they’re trying to get settled in, or preparing for deployment,” said Michael Burns, force protection supervisor, G-7 Mission Assurance. “A lot of times they don’t realize the need to ensure the safety of their family back home.”

The National Prepare-A-Thon occurs twice a year and is overseen by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The month-long event, which is held in hopes of encouraging the nation to become proactive when planning for emergencies, will educate personnel and families on emergency communication planning by promoting preparedness information and resources.

“Staying prepared is important because you ensure that you or your family doesn’t become a victim,” Burns said. “If you’re prepared for whatever may happen, our first responders can assist with other types of emergencies; it’s a matter of helping us help you.”

The campaign will be split into four categories that pertain to the Combat Center, focusing on one category for every week of the month. The campaign will begin with flash floods, followed by extreme heat the next week, droughts the third week, and conclude with power outages. During each week, information will be provided on what to do in the event of that particular natural disaster through video presentations, preparedness briefings and social media campaigns.

“If there are any questions, the force protection branch is here to help,” Burns said. “If tenant commands or unit sections want additional training, that’s available as well. Each section should be developing their own emergency action plan as well.”

The month will conclude with a National Prepare-A-Thon Day, Sept. 30, that will review all of the topics that were touched on throughout the month.

For additional information on how to identify actions to be taken, especially in preparing and utilizing emergency communications plans, visit , or contact the G-7 Mission Assurance branch at 830-1884.
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