Command Support Division
The Command Support Division provides information technology project management for all construction projects aboard MCAGCC

Command Support Division


Provide Information Technology Project Management for all major and minor construction projects.
Provide contract and logistical requirements to support all command directorate mission requirements. Provide support to garrison and training telecommunications planning to include master planning and mission appearance


Command Support consists of:

  • Operations Officer - (760) 830-4066
  • Logistics
  • IT Project Management
  • Customer service / Access Control

Command Support Assistance

To request assistance contact the Service Desk by calling 830-7141 or send an email.

Request assistance via email for voice / telephone matters.


Request assistance via email for all other matters.

Access the Communications Directorate SharePoint page.


Cyber Security (760) 830-0099

Service Desk (760) 830-7141

CTR/ITSM Base Units (760) 830-5176/1690/3500

CTR/ISM OpForces (760) 830-4657/3230

ISC Program Manager (760) 830-7141

Operations Officer (760) 830-4066

Telephone Contact the Service Desk


Admin (760) 830-0722

MCEN Support (877) 739-5724

For new infrastructure - jack or cabling - submit a Maximo ticket through Public Works

Commercial (760) 830-6271
DSN 230-6271

Bldg. 1986 10th Street

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms