Center Logistics Division Operations
Installation Support Directorate


The Operations Section of Center Logistics Division consist of the Director of the Division, who is also the MAGTFTC Supply Officer, the Division Deputy/Assistant MAGTFTC Supply Officer, the MAGTFTC Supply Chief and a small administrative staff. This section of the division is responsible for supervising and coordinating the actions of the Center Magazine Area (CMA), Consolidated Material Support Center (CMSC), which is a consolidation of the Direct Support Stock Control and Property Control Branches, Food Service Branch, Traffic Management Branch and the Purchasing & Contraction Branch. The Logistics Division is responsible for providing a wide range of supplies and services to both the permanently assigned unts and the deployed Fleet Marine Force; as well as a variety of organizations deployed to the Combat Center for training/exercises. The Director Logistics Division coordinates supply support between the internal branches and outside activities.

Mon - Fri 0730 - 1630

Billet / Commercial Phone / DSN Phone

Director Logistics Divsion (760) 830-5380 230-5380
Deputy Logistics Division (760) 830-5380 230-5380
Supply Chief (760) 830-5383 230-5383
Admin Operations (760) 830-5382/6810 230-5382
FAX (760) 830-5381 230-5381
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