Traffic Court
Location, Hours, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Combat Center Traffic Court

Traffic Court Clerk
Phone: (760) 830-5461
Location: Building 1408

Hours: 8 am – 11 am / 12 pm – 4 pm 
Monday – Thursday with the exception of holidays. 

Traffic Court Hearing: 1 pm Thursdays

Third Party Citation:

  • Individuals seeking to submit a third party citation will submit a Third Party Citation Report to the PMO Services Office or to the MCAGCC Traffic Court email box at
  • Third party citations will only be written for violations such as:
    • Speeding.
    • Reckless driving.
    • Failure to wear protective clothing or safety equipment while on a motorcycle.
    • Failure to wear seat belt.
  • Use of cell phone while operating a motor vehicle.
  • All reports should provide as much information as possible, such as the state license plate number, a description of the motor vehicle, a description of the driver, and the time and place of the violation.
  • No report will be acted upon unless the reporter identifies him/herself and indicates a willingness to testify against the violator.
  • If the individual requesting the third party citation fails to appear in traffic court, the case will be dismissed.
  • Third party citations are authorized for on-base offenses, and, for active duty military, off-base offenses.
  • The PMO Services Chief or Services Officer receiving the report shall evaluate the validity and veracity of the alleged offense. If it is reasonably determined that the offense is not valid, the third party citation will not be written.

Download a Third Party Citation Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I contact traffic court?
A. The traffic court phone number is 760-830-5461.  The office is located on 4th street in Bldg. 1408.  The hours of operations are Monday – Thursday; 0800 – 1600 hours.  The office is closed on Friday, all Federal holidays, and each day between 1100 – 1200 hours.

Q. I received a traffic citation.  Do I need to appear in traffic court?
A. No, unless you wish to plead not guilty or you have been instructed to appear by the traffic court clerk.

Q. How do I plead NOT GUILTY to a traffic citation?
A. You must notify the traffic court clerk within 5 working days.  The clerk will schedule a court date for you to appear and plead your case.

Q. How do I plead GUILTY to a traffic citation?
A. No action is required, unless you are instructed to appear by the traffic court clerk.  If so, you will be required to plead guilty in person.

Q. I received a traffic citation.  What penalty should I expect?
A. If found guilty, penalties may include the assessment of points, suspension, revocation, assignment to attend a remedial driving course, or any combination thereof.  Court results are available at Bldg. 1408, from your command, or after the hearing by calling 760-830-5461.  You can also find a list of potential penalties (listed by base code) within the “Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulations Instructions Manual” located along the right side of this screen.  The point assessment table can be found on pages 54-59.

Q. What will happen if I fail to appear for Traffic Court?
A. If you were assigned a court date and then fail to appear, your case will be adjudicated in your absence. Penalties may include points, suspension of base driving privileges, assignment to attend a remedial driving course, or any combination thereof.

Q. What is a “warning” traffic citation?
A. If the “Warning” box is checked in the upper-right corner of the citation, you are not required to appear in Traffic Court.  No penalty will be assessed and no action is required.

Q. How do I resolve a “fix-it” citation?
A. Citations issued for defective equipment are correctible.  You must repair the deficiency and present reasonable proof of the correction to the traffic court clerk within 5 working days.  Failure to do so will result in points being assessed.

Q. If a person has had their driving privileges revoked or suspended on the Combat Center, are they authorized to drive on other DoD installations?
A. No, revocation or suspension of driving privileges on one DoD installation prohibits a person from driving on any DoD installation.

Q. I was ordered to complete a remedial driving course. How do I comply?
A. You must complete the course and turn in your certificate within 90 days from your traffic court date.  The course is held at Bldg. 1523, but you must sign-up first at Bldg. 1408.  If you are under age 26, you have the option to complete this course online at  Search for course number CMCSDDAT01.  With either option, you must turn in your certificate to the court clerk with the 90 day deadline or your base driving privileges will be suspended.

Q. What effect does a civil arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) / Driving While Impaired (DWI) have on Combat Center driving privileges?
A. When PMO is notified of a civil arrest for DUI/DWI, the person (to include retired military, family members, civilian personnel, and active duty military) will be issued a citation and letter of temporary suspension by the Provost Marshal's Office.  The person will be required to appear at the Combat Center Traffic Court.  The Traffic Court Hearing Officer will consider the outcome of the civil court but is not bound by it.


Accident Investigation 760-830-4251
Administration 760-830-6094
Desk Sergeant 760-830-6810
DSN 230-6800
Operations 760-830-6095
DSN 230-4612
Services 760-830-6698
Training 760-830-8339
MWD / K9 760-830-4239
Criminal Investigaton Division 760-830-6820
Fire Department 760-830-6475
Traffic Court Liaison 760-830-5461
Vehicle Registration 760-830-7700

Anonymous Tip Hot Line (ITIP) 
DSN 230-4847


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