USAJobs is the United States Government's website for listing civil service job opportunities with federal agencies.


Federal agencies use USAJOBS to host job openings and match qualified applicants to those jobs.

Getting Started

Create a USAJOBS account, then upload your resume(s) and supporting documents to your account.

The benefits to using USAJOBS are

  • You can store up to five distinct resumes

  • The site is spell-check capable

  • You have the ability to upload your attachments and resumes

  • You can store up to 25 job interests

  • Email notification of job postings are sent regularly

  • You can submit documents via fax, hardcopy, online


Applicant Information

Early Eligibility

Fact Sheet USA Staffing Applicant Documentation

Employee Notice USA Staffing Applicant Documentation


Civilian Human Resources 760-830-7704
Department of Navy Civilian Benefits Center 888-320-2917
Department of Navy Civilian Employee Assistance Program 844-366-2327
Department of Navy Employment Information Center 800-378-4559
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Defense Civilian Careers
Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF)
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