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Combat Center cleans up

22 Apr 2015 | Lance Cpl. Medina Ayala-Lo Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms

“The base-wide cleanup is a good way to promote Earth Day fundamentals of conservation and help to protect our eco-system,” said Keith Mohn, Comprehensive Environmental Training and Education Program coordinator, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs. “Within this time period we are able to reach out to the people on base and ask them to take the steps needed to maintain the installation.”

According to Combat Center Order 11000.1C, personnel are directed to maintain and frequently clean their respective outdoor and indoor areas. NREA has encouraged each unit to actively participate in the Earth Day cleanup efforts by exercising proper management of their designated areas and ensuring the areas are kept in a proper state of cleanliness.

“We would like each unit to police their areas,” Mohn said. “If they are in need of large-scale landscaping, they would need to contact the Public Works Department, but if it’s something that can be done with a simple working party and a bunch of rakes, we encourage the units to take care of it themselves.”

Units are also required to turn-in recyclables in two categories; local solid waste recyclable materials, which include paper, plastic bottles and glass, and industrial, commercial, and bulk recyclable materials, which consist of large metals, tires and batteries. While NREA encourages units to recycle these items throughout the week, the turn-in of these items extends beyond the week-long, base-wide cleanup. Units can contact the Residential Commercial Recycling Section for turn-in instructions.

“Throughout the week, some units may be surprised to see what assets they actually have available to them,” Mohn said. “Not only does it benefit the Combat Center, but this clean-up is also a good chance for every unit to inventory their areas.”

It is up to the members of the Combat Center community to ensure the welfare of the installation and continue to take steps to preserve it. Directives issued by the Commanding General can be found at

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Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms