Environmental Compliance Protection & SOP
The ECPSOP is published as guidance to ensure that MCAGCC can perform its mission in an environmentally responsible manner.

Environmental Compliance & Protection SOP

The Environmental Compliance & Protection Standard Operating Procedure (ECPSOP) is published as guidance to ensure that Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) can perform its mission in an environmentally responsible manner. The Combat Center’s Environmental Management System (EMS) provides a systematic approach to ensure activities aboard Combat Center are well managed & continually improve with respect to environmentally-related risks to the mission.

Combat Center Environmental Orders, linked below, have concurrence from all subordinate commands/organizations and tenant commands, and serve as the "Do" portion of the Plan-Do-Check-Act model required for EMS implementation. These Orders, along with Environmental Standard Operating Procedures (ESOP) provide specific Combat Center requirements.

The Comprehensive Environmental Training Educational Program (CETEP) information serves as the training element of EMS, and ensures that training and information are available, efficient, and effective in preparing personnel to competently perform the environmental responsibilities that are part of their primary jobs -- thereby, supporting HQMC and MCAGCC environmental targets and objectives.

Commanding General's Environmental Compliance and Protection Policy 6-21, Marine Corps Order 5090.2A

Components of the ECPSOP
For access to the plans and studies required by MCO 5090.2A, contact the Environmental Affairs Division (EA) at (760) 830-7688. You will be routed to the appropriate subject matter expert (SME). The following documents are available for review:

  • Integrated Contingency Operations Plan
  • Spill Procedures Control Contingency Plan
  • Hazardous Waste Management Plan
  • Installation Sustainability Action Plan
  • Pest Management Plan


Director 760-830-5675
Deputy 760-830-7688
Compliance Support Branch 760-830-4183
          CETEP 760-830-8238
          Compliance Inspectors 760-830-8239
          EMS 760-830-4183
Pollution Prevention 760-830-7695
           Air 760-830-8480
          Tanks 760-830-8361
          Water 760-830-7883
Environmental Restoration 760-830-7722
Natural and Cultural Resources, 760-830-5200

Archeology and Paleontology Curation Center
Building 1091

Public Hours:
Tuesday - Friday
0800-1200 or by appointment

Collections Manager, 760-830-1196
Hazardous Waste Management Branch 760-830-5403
Qualified Recycling and Solid Waste Program 760-830-5666
Range Residue Turn-in 760-830-0302
NEPA 760-830-8190
Admin 760-830-7634


Emergency Contacts

Spill Reporting and Response 760-401-9841
Wildlife Response 760-830-7896
Wildlife Response After-Hours (PMO) 760-830-6800
Water Conservation 760-830-SAVE (7283)
All numbers: DSN 230
Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms