Environmental SOPs
Environmental Standard Operating Procedures

Environmental Standard Operating Procedures (ESOP)

Abatement (ABA)Environmental protection guidelines for the proper procedures of hazardous material spill response.
Above Ground Storage Tank (AST)Environmental protection guidelines for the operation and management of fuel storage above ground storage tanks.
Aircraft Washing (AWA)Environmental protection guidelines for the management of aircraft wash racks and aircraft washing activities.
Central Accumulation Area, Portable Containers (CAA)Environmental protection guidance for the operation and management of hazardous waste, 240-gallon, Central Accumulation Area (CAA), AKA Portable Containers.
Degreasing (DGR)Environmental protection guidelines for the use of degreasing materials and solvents.
Environmental Compliance Coordinator (ECC)Environmental protection guidelines for ECCs.
Grease Traps (GRT)Environmental guidelines for the management and use of grease/traps/interceptors.
Hazardous Waste Accumulation Area (HWAA)Environmental protection guidelines for the management of the HWAA (Less than 90 Day Sites).
Hazardous Waste Recycling (HWR)Environmental protection guidelines for proper hazardous waste recycling.
Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA)Environmental protection guidelines for the management of the SAA.
Hazardous Waste Transportation (HWT)Environmental protection guidelines for the management of HWT.
Landfill Operations (LOP)Environmental protection guidelines for landfill operations.
Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)Environmental protection guidelines for proper handling and disposal of the MRE flameless ration heater.
Medical Waste Operations (MWO)Environmental guidelines for the management of medical waste operations.
Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning Refrigerant Operations (MVR)Environmental protection guidelines for motor vehicle refrigerant system operations and management.
NEPA Documentation (NEPA)Environmental guidelines for the submission and processing of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation.
Oil - Water Separators (OWS)Environmental guidelines for the operation and management of oil-water separators.
Pesticide / Herbicide – General (PEW)Environmental guidelines for pesticide and herbicide application.
Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Item DisposalEnvironmental protection guidelines for the disposal of polychlorinated biphenyl items.
Range Residue Processing (RAP)Environmental protection guidelines for the management of the Range Residue Processing Center.
Refrigerant and Halon Operations (REF)Environmental guidance for the use of refrigerants and halon system operations and management.
Soil Excavation/Grading (SEG)Environmental protection guidelines for soil excavation and grading.
Solid Waste Recycling Collection Local (SLF)Environmental protection guidelines for the accumulation of solid waste and recycling materials for collection.
Solid Waste Recycling Facility (SFR)Environmental protection guidelines for the management and collection of solid waste and recycled materials.
Stormwater Channels (SWC)Environmental guidelines for the proper maintenance and management of storm water channels.
Sustainable Procurement (GTP)Environmental guidance for establishing procedures for the process of sustainable procurement.
Underground Storage Tanks (UST)Environmental guidelines for underground storage tanks.
Used Oil and Antifreeze Accumulation (UOA)Environmental guidelines for managing used oil and antifreeze during maintenance activities.
Vegetation Maintenance and Removal (VMR)Environmental protection guidelines for stump and brush removal.
Vehicle /Aircraft Fueling (VAF)Environmental protection guidelines for vehicle/aircraft fueling (replaces and combines previous ESOP’s Vehicle Refueling and Aircraft Helicopter Refueling)
Vehicle Equipment/Parts Replacement (VEO)Environmental guidelines for vehicle equipment/parts replacement.
Vehicle Washrack (VEW)Environmental guidelines for the proper management and operation of vehicle wash racks.
Vehicle/Equipment Fluid Change (VCC)Environmental guidelines for vehicle and equipment fluid changes.
Waste Tire Operations (WTO)Environmental guidelines for the management of waste tires generated from tactical, commercial privately owned (POV), government commercial, and ranges aboard MCAGCC.
Weapons Cleaning (WEC)Environmental protection guidelines for weapons cleaning.
Wildlife Handling (UWM)Environmental protection guidelines for urban wildlife management.
WW Treatment - Chemical Toilets (WTC)Environmental guidelines and best management practices for using portable toilets and disposal of portable toilet septage waste


Director 760-830-5675
Deputy 760-830-7688
Compliance Support Branch 760-830-4183
          CETEP 760-830-8238
          Compliance Inspectors 760-830-8239
          EMS 760-830-4183
Pollution Prevention 760-830-7695
           Air 760-830-8480
          Tanks 760-830-8361
          Water 760-830-7883
Environmental Restoration 760-830-7722
Natural and Cultural Resources, 760-830-5200

Archeology and Paleontology Curation Center
Building 1091

Public Hours:
Tuesday - Friday
0800-1200 or by appointment

Collections Manager, 760-830-1196
Hazardous Waste Management Branch 760-830-5403
Qualified Recycling and Solid Waste Program 760-830-5666
Range Residue Turn-in 760-830-0302
NEPA 760-830-8190
Admin 760-830-7634


Emergency Contacts

Spill Reporting and Response 760-401-9841
Wildlife Response 760-830-7896
Wildlife Response After-Hours (PMO) 760-830-6800
Water Conservation 760-830-SAVE (7283)
All numbers: DSN 230
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