Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer - ISMT
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The ISMT is the Marine Corps’ marksmanship trainer that allows Marines to develop marksmanship proficiency on any of the small arms weapons in the inventory, including the M16 service rifle, M9 service pistol, M249 SAW, M240 medium machine gun, MK19 automatic grenade launcher, and M2 heavy machine gun. The ISMT also has a module that enables call for fire procedures designed for mortarmen.

The ISMT is most often used to replicate ranges, and it can be used as a rehearsal tool for the Marine Corps’ qualification courses. However, the ISMT is not limited to simple replication of the qualification range. Marines can participate in shoot/no shoot scenarios or branched video sequences to challenge decision making skills. The ISMT is the perfect place for a coach to conduct diagnostics on a struggling shooter.

ISMT is not only for the inexperienced or non-proficient shooter though; Marines can use ISMT to reach the next higher shooting badge or achieve the range high score. For marksmanship, units should consider ISMT as a tool to prepare Marines for the range and as a sustainment tool after the range.

Marksmanship is the core skill of the Marine Corps, and it takes practice. While live rounds produce the best training, ISMT provides a way to train and sustain Marines without the use of range and ammunition resources.

Marines should plan to spend at least 30 minutes in a session. Training depends on Marine performance.

  • For Marines at all levels.

  • Basic marksmanship skills with all small arms in the Marine Corps inventory.

  • Machine gun familiarization.

  • Remedial training, making a good shooter better, and sustainment training.

  • Mainside, Building 1707: 16 individuals.

  • Rifle Range, PMI shack: 16 individuals.

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