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TLTS is a simulation that is designed to teach Marines the basics of five languages. There are modules for Iraqi Arabic, Pashto and Persian Dari (languages of Afghanistan), Indonesian, and Creole-French (spoken in Sub-Saharan Africa). The software incorporates cultural training as well as the actual languages of these regions.

TLTS is a personal computer based stand-alone trainer that uses a mixture of skill building lessons and practice ("talk-‘em-up") missions. It is intended for all skill levels and uses voice recognition systems to enable speaking practice.

The software is “intelligent” providing the ability to recognize a Marine’s speech to determine if he or she is saying the words correctly. The software becomes increasingly more critical as the Marine advances through the coursework causing the student to advance in all attributes of language learning.

TLTS also offers a dashboard enabling a unit to develop and manage a structured program to ensure Marines reach designated levels of proficiency. TLTS is part of the Deployed Virtual Training Environment (DVTE) suite of simulations.

TLTS teaches basic greetings and interactions, which can be accomplished relatively quickly. However, to acquire a high level of proficiency, students will need to spend many hours to establish strong competency of the language.

It is strongly recommended that students train for no more than two hours at a time to avoid frustration and overload.

Structured programs of a designated amount of time per day or week work the best. TLTS training can easily be combined with the ROC series.

For Marines at all levels.

Communication in Arabic, Pashto, Dari, Indonesian, and Creole French.

Cultural training regarding hand motions, gestures, or other actions that may have specific meanings within the target culture.

Mainside, Building 1655 Classroom: 26 individuals.

Camp Wilson trailer 5501T6: 29 individuals.

Unit DVTE: 32 individuals.

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