CMA Receipts
Receipts procedures.



Unit Turn-in time is between 0730 and 1430. All Turn-ins are required to have an appointment and must be scheduled with CMA operations via CMA SharePoint site. Unscheduled Turn-ins will have the workload assessed by the Operations Chief and/or RSSI Chief to determine supportability.

No turn-ins will be processed after 1430.

If the Turn-in cannot be completed by 1430, the supported unit will be required to stage the Turn-in until the next business day. All scheduled Turn-ins take priority, any unscheduled Turn-ins will have to wait until they can be processed.


Vehicle properly inspected with DD Form 626.

All Class V(W) returned to the supporting activity must be properly inspected and segregated prior to transfer to site-approved storage locations. After initial processing, assets shall be segregated by the following categories:

  • DoDIC.
  • Lot Number.
  • Condition Code.
  • Load properly secured.
  • DD 1907 for SRC I materiel as well as Officer or SNCO for CAT I items.
  • Units shall make every effort to retain original packing material and return assets as close to factory pack as possible. Failure to do so may result in a NAVMC 11865 Discrepancy Report or a request for investigation to the parent command.
  • Supported units must arrive with the original DD 1348-1As for their assets. The original document is required to credit the receipt to the unit’s allocation.
  • CMA does not require unit to have 1348 turn in documents filled out prior to arrival; however, the unit must have proper segregation and counts on all ammunition.
  • Once the materiel has been properly segregated and inspected, two separate verifiers shall inventory the material. Local SOPs shall be established to detail the appropriate steps taken when inventories do not match.


In accordance with MCO 5090.2, Units are responsible for processing, obliterating, certifying, documenting and properly turning in any Material Potentially Presenting an Explosive Hazard (MPPEH).

The Center Magazine area does not accept Range Residue, these items must be properly turned in to the MCAGCC Range Residue Processing Center building #2096.


Officer in Charge 760-830-4879
Deputy 760-830-3601
Aviation Ordnance Officer 760-830-4511
SNCOIC 760-830-3600
Operations 760-830-8840
Records 760-830-8810
Issues 760-830-4203
FAX 760-830-3602
DNCO Main Gate
DSN 230
Other Important Numbers
Explosive Safety Officer 760-830-8464
Range Safety 760-830-7112
Provost Marshal's Office 760-830-6810
Criminal Investigation Division 760-830-6820
Explosive Ordnance Disposal 760-830-6885
      EOD Duty Cell 760-401-5841
MCAS Miramar Weather Center 858-307-1542


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